Definition of coral spot in English:

coral spot

(also coral spot disease)


mass noun
  • A common fungal disease of trees and shrubs, appearing as numerous minute pink or dark red raised spots on the twigs and branches and causing dieback.

    Nectria cinnabarina, family Hypocreaceae, subdivision Ascomycotina

    • ‘Check trees and shrubs for pink or reddish-orange spots on the bark – a sign of coral spot.’
    • ‘It succeeds in ordinary garden soil but is susceptible to Coral Spot fungus.’
    • ‘The cause is coral spot disease which affects many species of woody plants, although it is rare on conifers.’
    • ‘A pile of logs at the crossroads of tracks at Wilderness Plantation is peppered with the fruiting bodies of coral spot fungus.’
    • ‘However, Nectria cinnabarina, coral spot canker, is the cause of a similar canker fungi found on honey locust, apple trees in orchards, and black locust trees.’
    • ‘This is coral spot, a fungus which mainly attacks dead parts of woody plants, but may spread to live wood if not pruned out.’
    • ‘Seed collection from this tree is a struggle as the fungal disease black coral spot destroys many of the seeds.’
    • ‘Plants are susceptible to coral spot fungus, especially if the wood is not properly ripened due to insufficient summer heat.’