Definition of coquettish in English:



  • Behaving in such a way as to suggest a playful sexual attraction; flirtatious.

    ‘a coquettish grin’
    • ‘He was cute, coquettish - almost the girl of the group - so how could he be smart?’
    • ‘Benatar had a rough-hewn sexuality; John was coquettish and irksomely cute.’
    • ‘Peering out from behind a helmet of black hair, she is stylish but not styled, neither coquettish sex kitten nor guitar-toting tomboy.’
    • ‘In common with Alcoholics Anonymous, the manual encourages her to face up to the extent of her mendacity and list her lies, an exercise which allows Porter to go through a series of coquettish and flirty set pieces.’
    • ‘The bedroom scenes with a playful and coquettish Cariola show the duchess and Antonio's fragile happiness and the sensuality of their love.’
    flirtatious, flirty, provocative, seductive, inviting, amorous, kittenish, coy, arch, teasing, playful, frisky, flighty, skittish, dallying, philandering
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