Definition of copulation in English:



  • [mass noun] Sexual intercourse.

    ‘males may seek copulation with the breeding female’
    • ‘Due to a purely biological function, a tigress in oestrus goes through an intensive mating cycle that requires, as research indicates, copulation every 15 minutes resulting in 50 or 60 encounters over a couple of days.’
    • ‘According to law you've got to disclose such a fact prior to copulation.’
    • ‘Same-sex copulation and bonding are common in hundreds of species, from bonobo apes to gulls.’
    • ‘In the laboratory, golden egg bugs copulate repeatedly, with copulations often lasting [greater than] 10 hours.’
    • ‘Some religious tenets and social conventions ban copulation between unmarried couples or limit coitus to certain postures or positions.’
    sexual intercourse, sex, intercourse, lovemaking, making love, sexual relations, anal penetration, sexual penetration, vaginal penetration
    mating, coupling, breeding
    bonking, rumpy pumpy, a bit of the other, how's your father
    screwing, fucking
    coitus, coition, fornication
    carnal knowledge, congress, commerce
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