Definition of copse in English:



  • A small group of trees.

    • ‘I don't see the hedges, the trees, the copses; and the flights of wild fowl passing across my window go unseen, too.’
    • ‘Guiding her into a copse of trees, Gil looked down at Laurie's face, finding confusion in her knitted brow.’
    • ‘There was a large copse of trees in the distance.’
    • ‘Gradually, I descended into the marshes; there was a little copse of trees off to my right so I made for that direction, hoping against hope to find some dry wood.’
    • ‘We preferred to forage on grassy plains dotted with copses of trees because they offered protection from predators, which we could easily spot as they crept up on us in the short grass.’
    • ‘The ship had crashed into a copse of desert trees.’
    • ‘The road curved, a copse of trees obscuring the view ahead.’
    • ‘Somerset looked as if it'd just got out of the shower and wasn't properly towel-dried yet, with trees and copses and hedgerows on all sides bedraggled and uncombed.’
    • ‘It transpires that the ‘pink tree’ is not in the immediate environs of White Wells but is, in fact, close to the copse of trees near Backstone Beck.’
    • ‘Cindy swallowed and nodded without a word as the two of them headed across the cropped green lawn toward a small gazebo nestled underneath a copse of danra trees.’
    • ‘The Telegraph & Argus reported earlier this year how a copse of trees on the site was felled.’
    • ‘As one approaches the copse of trees at the entrance to Tobernalt, one usually stands still by a large rock to look around in the shady dim light.’
    • ‘Two days ago, Noel had ridden out with the stable master, and together they had found the copse of trees Erik had been so eager to show his young wife.’
    • ‘The full moon shone with a bright radiance as Vincent walked slowly down the sidewalk of the park, which was sometimes alongside the lake, sometimes going through a copse of trees.’
    • ‘For a start, when you drive through the gate, instead of just driving through just a field of grass, you actually drive through copses of trees and little forests.’
    • ‘That night they slept under a copse of low trees that hopefully concealed their whereabouts to any watching eyes in the tower that they now felt was very near.’
    • ‘The sun had begun to slip behind the copse of trees just beyond the parking lot, the rich crimson and honey folding and unfolding into one another.’
    • ‘While we waited for our tour guide, an Irishman named Willie Leahy, we were treated to lunch beneath a weeping copse of trees.’
    • ‘I was standing on the brow of a small hill behind my house, a warm breeze coming through the copse of trees behind me, and my eyes skimming over the roof tops and across to the lush fields in the distance.’
    • ‘The young great green macaw wobbled aerially into a nearby copse of trees, where it disappeared in the dense leaves, green vanishing into green.’
    thicket, grove, wood, coppice, stand, clump, brake
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Late 16th century: shortened from coppice.