Definition of copper-fasten in English:



[with object]
  • Make (an undertaking or agreement) firm or binding.

    ‘this government has copper-fastened social welfare payments’
    • ‘Effective regime change will soon be copper-fastened.’
    • ‘It is looking increasingly likely that this could be the season where Paul McTiernan copper-fastens his reputation as being one of the top strikers in the country.’
    • ‘It was then that former senior Shay Cullen made his experience tell and landed three great points to copper-fasten victory.’
    • ‘The completion dates are copper-fastened in a comprehensive ten year national transport plan unveiled yesterday by Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen.’
    • ‘The coming weeks represent a window of opportunity to copper-fasten peace and stability.’
    • ‘He claimed - in my opinion dishonestly - that the agreement copper-fastened the union.’
    • ‘All this obviously depended on the availability of funding to ensure the continuation of the service and he hoped that funding would be copper-fastened to this end.’
    • ‘In other words, a blend of direct rule complemented with devolutionary local democracy would allow for the next 18 months of a local administration to copper-fasten the Agreement.’
    • ‘Edwards soon copper-fastened his status as the best of the rest, but he won only in South Carolina and never looked as if he had a realistic chance of reeling in Kerry's lead.’
    • ‘I have no doubt it was explained to players that we needed to qualify for the knockout stages for some of the new lads to copper-fasten their place on the team for the Championship.’
    • ‘The seriousness with which the ban has been accepted has been copper-fastened by the visit recently to all public houses by the environmental health inspectors from the Mid Western Health Board.’
    • ‘I would have been in favour of it before Saturday night, but that game copper-fastened the whole thing.’
    • ‘The search and rescue facilities have been extended to provide full 24-hour cover and Waterford has also been copper-fastened as the regional base for the service, something that was questioned in early 2003.’
    • ‘To copper-fasten the dignity and security of the elderly, we will continue to increase the pensions they receive.’
    • ‘A win or a draw in that match will ensure Division 2 hurling next season and copper-fasten the progress of this hardworking, progressive side.’
    • ‘This copper-fastens the Government's view that local government is at the centre of the social, economic and political agenda.’
    • ‘I am, therefore, determined that my personal initiative to protect the Mount Leinster area of the county from vandalism and ongoing destructive behaviour will be copper-fastened by the implementation of draft bye-laws.’
    • ‘Curry on the other hand were tenacious, fearless and hungry for the victory which has copper-fastened their greatest ever season.’
    • ‘His ceaseless sprinting on the wing against the Dutch went some way to copper-fastening his cult status around Lansdowne.’
    • ‘The team will be bidding to copper-fasten this position ahead of the finals in Madrid next month.’