Definition of copita in English:



  • A slim stemmed glass that narrows slightly towards the top, used for sherry.

    • ‘In Spain, this tradition began in the southeastern region where sherry is made when innkeepers would put little plates on top of the sherry glasses (copitas) to keep out the flies and dust.’
    • ‘He was frequently seen in cafés, heavily guarded, swigging down copitas of the brandy to which he was so partial.’
    • ‘In Spain sherry has traditionally been served in the copita, and tastes infinitely better in a part-filled glass in this elongated tulip shape than it does brimming over a cut glass thimble as it is so often served elsewhere.’
    • ‘The best sherry glasses are the thin, transparent ‘copitas’ which are designed especially for the job.’
    • ‘They served us little glasses, copitas, of Sauza Conmemorativo, a golden, aged tequila to accompany our tamales.’


Mid 19th century: from Spanish, diminutive of copa ‘cup’, from popular Latin cuppa (see cup).