Definition of copha in English:



mass nounAustralian
  • Solidified coconut oil, used as an ingredient in cooking and by the food industry.

    ‘place chocolate and copha in a heatproof bowl’
    • ‘Coat marshmallow eggs in copha mixture, then roll in coconut.’
    • ‘Pour the copha over other ingredients and stir well.’
    • ‘Melt copha and stir in drinking chocolate.’
    • ‘Melt chocolate with copha (do not burn) and pour over cake, dribbling it down the side.’
    • ‘Use copha, a solid fat derived from coconuts.’
    • ‘Add glucose, melted copha (not hot) and egg white in a well in centre.’
    • ‘Copha is fairly saturated and used in recipes where it is melted, combined with other ingredients and left to set.’
    • ‘He's yelling something about not being able to find the copha, so I'd better go.’
    • ‘You can melt the copha in a microwave oven.’
    • ‘The big white block on the chopping board is copha.’


Early 20th century: probably adapted from copra.