Definition of copepod in English:



  • A small or microscopic aquatic crustacean of the large class Copepoda.

    • ‘Their diet consists mainly of copepods.’
    • ‘When a female copepod ingests the remains of a male mosquito larva killed by the protozoans, the copepod also ingests the spores.’
    • ‘Their diet consists primarily of parasitic copepods and other invertebrates that are taken from the mouth and gill openings of larger fish.’
    • ‘The most numerous inhabitants are hydroids and copepods.’
    • ‘This type of feeding can be found among certain spiders, mantids, scorpions, copepods, and midges.’
    • ‘Blacksmith are plankton feeders preferring zooplankton, including copepods, and the eggs and larvae of other marine organisms.’