Definition of coparcener in English:



English Law
  • A person who shares equally with others in the inheritance of an undivided estate or in the rights to it (in the UK now as equitable interests).

    • ‘All the coparceners have unity of possession and community of interest in the joint family property.’
    • ‘By the very definition, only a son or a grandson through the son can be coparcener along with the father.’
    • ‘It is only when one coparcener dies, a female can get his share in her capacity as an heir to his estate.’
    • ‘The proposed amendment now attempts to make daughters coparceners at birth in ancestral property.’
    • ‘Only the male members are coparceners and they acquire interest in the joint Hindu property by birth.’
    successor, heiress, next in line, inheritor, heir apparent, heir presumptive, heir-at-law, descendant, beneficiary, legatee, scion
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Late Middle English: from co- ‘together’ + parcener.