Definition of coparcenary in English:



mass nounEnglish Law
  • Joint heirship; the status of a coparcener.

    • ‘Where there is no coparcenary at all, a law giving admission into a coparcenary can have no effect.’
    • ‘She becomes a member of the coparcenary by birth in the same manner as that of a son.’
    • ‘It is impossible to graft reforms on a system of coparcenary, which had a certain internal logical consistency.’
    • ‘She, not being a member of the coparcenary, will not get a share at the time of the notional partition.’
    • ‘While the father's property is shared equally between brother and sister; the brother, in addition, is entitled to a share in the coparcenary from which the sister is excluded.’


Early 16th century: from co- ‘together’ + parcenary, legal term in the same sense, from Anglo-Norman French parcenarie, from parcener ‘coparcener’ (see coparcener).