Definition of copaiba in English:



mass noun
  • An aromatic plant oil or resin used in medicines and perfumes.

    These resins are obtained from plants of the genus Copaifera

    • ‘The part of the copaiba tree that is used is the oleoresin (a clear yellow resin) accumulated in cavities within the trunk; it is obtained by making incisions in the tree trunk.’
    • ‘If you are allergic to balsam of Tolu or any of the products, you should make sure to use pure copaiba oil.’
    • ‘Most pharmacies sell copaiba oil, either in small bottles over the counter or in the form of capsules.’
    • ‘The oil (which see) is the best form for obtaining the effects of copaiba upon the respiratory tract.’


Early 17th century: via Portuguese from Tupi copaiba, Guarani cupaiba.