Definition of cop it sweet in English:

cop it sweet


NZ, Australian
  • Accept or tolerate a disagreeable situation without complaint.

    ‘he didn't even have the grace to cop it sweet’
    • ‘If she has breached the Privacy Act, we hope that she cops it sweet, because the majority of New Zealanders won't care a dot.’
    • ‘If you can't stomach sneaky and malevolent payback, cop it sweet or get another job.’
    • ‘The so-called racialised other is expected to cop it sweet.’
    • ‘If that does transpire to be truly the case, I suppose I'll just have to cop it sweet.’
    • ‘They will do what they have to do to get through these days: cop it sweet, keep the head down and the mouth shut.’
    • ‘Tell all the whingeing people to cop it sweet, and when they go home to wherever they can continue to whinge to whoever will listen.’
    • ‘If I've done anything wrong, I'll cop it sweet.’
    • ‘She will grumble about on- and off-field issues but, in the end, will cop it sweet.’
    • ‘They have been caught lying, but even then, they won't cop it sweet.’
    • ‘If he got away with it on the field, I'll cop it sweet.’