Definition of cooperative movement in English:

cooperative movement


  • A movement originating in the industrial areas of northern England and Scotland in the late 18th century, based on the belief that industries and commercial concerns should be owned and controlled by the people working in them, for joint economic benefit.

    • ‘The cooperative movement developed rapidly in the latter part of the 19th century, particularly in the industrial and mining areas of northern England and Scotland.’
    • ‘During the 1930s, a re-energized cooperative movement emerged as a practical response to high prices as well as a critique of corporate capitalism.’
    • ‘The Federation's main task is to ensure the active participation of poor self-employed women in the cooperative movement and to enable them to obtain regular work and steady income through the cooperatives.’
    • ‘The cooperative movement has also exerted some political and economic influence through the Labour Party and the trade union movement.’
    • ‘England expatriates brought the cooperative movement to America in the early nineteenth century and were early supporters of group health insurance.’
    • ‘He has also helped to revise the curriculum at Ethiopia's Cooperative Institute, which will be a critical resource base for sustaining the cooperative movement.’
    • ‘Starting from the green revolution, and going on to land sealing and the cooperative movement, practically little has been done to improve the lot of the farmers or of rural economy in general.’
    • ‘He is a staunch supporter of the cooperative movement.’
    • ‘Indeed, cooperative movements were sometimes larger than unions or parties and often provided vital support to these institutions.’
    • ‘When that community history is finally put together, the cooperative movement will have a place of prominence.’
    • ‘We have heard of the cooperative movement and women's entrepreneurship.’
    • ‘The cooperative movement of yesteryear should have been re-established to stand as a support base for the thousands that were laid off as a result of the privatisation of state controlled firms.’
    • ‘The ministry is working on the policy guidelines for the cooperative movement ‘but we want to open it up to the whole cooperative movement.’’
    • ‘The old Guardian newspaper building is now a trendy arcade with bookstore and eating places and the site where the cooperative movement was founded is an urban museum.’
    • ‘This idea was important within the cooperative movement.’
    • ‘Once the new reform policies were introduced in the late eighties he worked again successfully for the cooperative movement, established a second school and a museum.’
    • ‘Several seemingly right steps including regional rural banks and self-help groups have affected the cooperative movement adversely.’
    • ‘The state and the cooperative movement have been heavily involved in the fisheries sector.’
    • ‘Consequently, the cooperative movement generally did not obtain federal funding during this period.’
    • ‘Simpson credits the cooperative movement with slowing the exodus of workers from the wine regions and also with enhancing prices without unduly restricting competition.’