Definition of coonskin in English:



  • The pelt of a raccoon.

    as modifier ‘a coonskin hat’
    • ‘With the money from the coonskins and the prize money from the contest, the family now has enough money to move to town and for the children to have a better education.’
    • ‘In 1956 my parents bought me a Davy Crockett costume complete with powder horn and coonskin cap.’
    • ‘Billy gets excited because this means the price of coonskins will go up and Billy could make a lot of money if he catches a lot of coonskins.’
    • ‘In short order, kids throughout the country were nagging their parents for the mock coonskin caps that coincidentally began to appear in stores.’
    • ‘There is a scene in the movie where I wear a coonskin hat and buckskin clothes and all that stuff when I first get to town.’