Definition of coolth in English:



mass noun
  • 1Pleasantly low temperature.

    ‘the coolth of the evening’
    • ‘The walls of the house alone have 230,000 lb of adobe mass that can store heat and coolth (yes, this is a word).’
    • ‘How soothing it is, forsooth, to desire coolth and vanquish inadequate Brit warmth.’
    • ‘She promised coolth in San Francisco, where Julia had set her heart on spending the night.’
    • ‘Do we see the whiteness of the snow, but only believe in its coolth?’
  • 2informal The quality of being fashionable.

    ‘the pinnacle of 1960s coolth’
    • ‘The dialogue is actually smart and sharp, without studied and overwritten coolth.’
    • ‘Of course, just saying ‘hippest’ gives away my age and my utter lack of coolness or coolth or whatever term those people are using these days.’


Mid 16th century (but rare before the 20th century): from cool + -th.