Definition of coolness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality or condition of being at a fairly low temperature.

    ‘the coolness of the breeze’
    • ‘He was warmed up now, the heat of his body balanced against the water's coolness.’
    • ‘Coolness can then be released by natural time delay over the following day.’
    • ‘Because all the TVs receive only one channel, the boys are able to follow the movie from house to house, through doors and windows still open for the dark's first coolness.’
    • ‘The luminous efficacy constant, also referred to as the coolness index, indicates a window's relative performance in rejecting solar heat while transmitting daylight.’
    • ‘Outside again, under the heat and intense light, the shade and coolness of the modern cave of mysteries becomes a memory.’
    • ‘As we gather in the relative coolness, the doctor strides forward to warmly welcome us to his small oasis.’
    • ‘His thick tweed jacket makes us suspect that he finds England colder than his home in Provence, but the coolness of the weather does not diminish his natural warmth.’
    • ‘Cooling is provided with minimum exploitation of resources by using structural elements as thermal reservoirs of coolness from nighttime air.’
    • ‘In the coolness of the night they had both revived.’
    • ‘The instant coolness sucked away all the sun's heat and chilled him more quickly than he had expected.’
    1. 1.1 The quality of being soothing or refreshing because of its low temperature.
      ‘the refreshing coolness of the water’
      • ‘A shadow slicks its way across the pavement and up the closed front door of the hotel, hinting at the coolness within, a place of retreat and withdrawal.’
      • ‘You feel his pleasure like the coolness of silk sheets on nights when the wind scalds your mind.’
      • ‘The local galleries, shops, and restaurants stay open late to allow potential collectors to leisurely stroll through the galleries in the comfortable coolness of the dry, desert evening.’
      • ‘We shopped in the pleasant coolness of the air-conditioned shopping centers and returned to the camp for a refreshing swim in the pool before seeing the sites of Las Vegas.’
      • ‘They wallow in the coolness of mud up to their necks in estuarial water.’
      • ‘We step out of the baking sun and into the soothing coolness of the temple, and pad into the main foyer in our bare feet.’
      • ‘Just as sunlight and its warmth are invigorating in cold climates, in the tropics it is the coolness of shade that allows people to be active.’
      • ‘A wool/cotton-blend fabric is ideal for multi-season apparel because wool provides inherent resiliency and warmth, while cotton contributes comfort and coolness.’
      • ‘Their walk back to the house was entirely uphill, and they no longer had the refreshing coolness of the morning mist.’
      • ‘In the trapped heat of the Apennines, they cling to the refracted possibility that the scarce coolness from the snow-covered peaks will blow over and down.’
    2. 1.2 (in reference to colour) the quality of containing pale blue, green, or grey tones.
      ‘her art has an icy coolness’
      • ‘Lights provide a panorama of color enveloping the entire church, moving from the coolness of the green/blue to the warmth of pink and then yellow.’
      • ‘Pictures painted in shades of green are passive and tend to be wearisome, which contrasts with the active warmth of yellow or the active coolness of blue.’
      • ‘Overall, the tonal balance, flattening of forms, and coolness of coloring combine to project a feeling of utter limpidity.’
      • ‘She used the coolness of the colors portraying the "Earth Light" in this scene to emphasize its otherworldliness.’
      • ‘The intensity of the red enhances the crisp coolness of the colors in the living room, viewed from behind a mesh wall on this level.’
      • ‘Black and white, when used with the hot or cool color scheme, can shift the effect of hotness or coolness of both predominant schemes.’
      • ‘Green with bamboos, pines, laurel, and maples, the place invited refugees, partly because the foliage seemed a center of coolness and life.’
      • ‘The emotional shifts were mirrored within each painting, from the coolness of the flat greenish-blue backgrounds to the vigorous strokes of red and orange.’
      • ‘The warmth or coolness of colors should be understood.’
      • ‘Zinc was a common cladding, its grayness giving calm coolness from the roofs of Switzerland to the bar tops of Paris.’
  • 2The quality of lacking friendliness or enthusiasm.

    ‘the coolness towards the revolutionary cults’
    • ‘Even though the princess invites him to her home, she does so with an air of coolness, and he grows uneasy.’
    • ‘I would not have the shadow of a coolness arise between the two dearest objects I have on earth.’
    • ‘His response to the coolness elicited by his ideas in these circles was scarcely calculated to dispel it.’
    • ‘Despite her coolness, I could resist it no longer and caught her up in my arms.’
    • ‘Their partnership provided a hot contrast to the coolness of former dancers Igor and Elena, with whom they shared the roles.’
    • ‘She grew rapidly in authority, although she was sometimes criticized for the coolness of her interpretations.’
    • ‘His decision to hold on to a 1 percent stake in the company, rather than sell his entire 20 percent, is said to be causing coolness between him and O'Brien.’
    • ‘The performances were somewhat overshadowed by a certain coolness between composer and librettist.’
    • ‘We sense some coolness between Misato and Ritsuko, as well as tension between Rei, Shinji, and Asuka.’
    • ‘The country today is finding a new coolness in its relations with old friends in Asia.’
    1. 2.1 Freedom from excitement, anxiety, or excessive emotion.
      ‘his greatest strength is his coolness under pressure’
      • ‘In a more service-oriented role, she maintains the expected coolness of a teacher and psychologist.’
      • ‘These are the signature concerns of an artist celebrated for coolness, objectivity, and introspection.’
      • ‘The fact that his colleagues "spoke kindly of his coolness in crisis" tells you just how failed the character is.’
      • ‘Playing the role with an icy coolness that would chill Ma Parker, he brings something extra special to the director's vision.’
      • ‘During the attack, Flower Belle displays both her sharpshooting ability and coolness under fire.’
      • ‘There's an emotional coolness to the picture and the characters are kept at a distance.’
      • ‘Conducive to making ideal moral judgments, there is conceptual clarity, rationality, impartiality, coolness, and reference to a valid moral principle.’
      • ‘The materiality of the tapestry, with its optically softening effect, lends the work a necessary coolness and distance.’
      • ‘In March 1863, he was commended for the "coolness, courage and daring" of his regiment.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, his coolness couldn't stop the progression of the tumors, and—a weakened shell of his former self—he died on November 7.’
  • 3informal The quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive.

    ‘the coolness of this phone was worth the extra money’
    • ‘This city is alive and breathes in all its weirdo coolness.’
    • ‘Possessing coolness himself, he can sense it in others.’
    • ‘The Tao of Steve, he explains at length, is a path to enlightenment that relies heavily on the coolness of American male icons.’
    • ‘He remains one of the few people whose coolness is only tangentially captured by the camera.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this idea never evolves into the potential font of coolness it could have.’
    • ‘His contribution to the series proves that coolness isn't just about clever concepts or hip images.’
    • ‘The filmmaking duo are being cool about coolness, cynical about cynicism, and critical of pretensions.’
    • ‘He displays a super coolness that makes me think with the right script he might be the next Jackie Chan.’
    • ‘I shall reserve judgment for the next episodes, because the show has a measure of inherent coolness to it.’
    • ‘The acting, story, technique, directing, characters, and coolness all work together.’