Definition of Coolgardie safe in English:

Coolgardie safe


  • A box or cupboard for storing food, cooled by strips of wetted fabric.

    • ‘Everyone knows that food storage was a problem for Aborigines and indeed for the colonists until the invention of the Coolgardie Safe and eventually the ice chest.’
    • ‘Their collections of bark huts, harvesting machines, Coolgardie safes, mining implements, and kitchen utensils conveyed, at least to modern eyes, a sense of the hardship and simplicity of pioneer life.’
    • ‘Australia was the source of the first refrigeration system, the Coolgardie safe.’
    • ‘There have been recent efforts to revive the use of Coolgardie safes in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our high energy input lifestyle.’
    • ‘One invention, the Coolgardie safe, depended on the evaporation of water from the surface of hessian, which was fixed to the frame of a kitchen cupboard.’


1920s: named after Coolgardie, a town in Western Australia.


Coolgardie safe

/kuːlˌɡɑːdi ˈseɪf/