Definition of cool box in English:

cool box

(British cool bag)


  • A rigid insulated container for keeping food and drink cool.

    • ‘In any available space, women squat next to plastic cool boxes offering cold drinks, beer and strong, dark rum.’
    • ‘Out of the cool boxes would flow wine, beer and soft drinks, followed by a feast served on leaf platters, which we'd cast adrift when we'd finished.’
    • ‘There are plenty of cool boxes (a fitted feature in all the safari cars) for those who like a cold beer after a hard day's drive or bike ride.’
    • ‘He opens the cool box and starts to fillet our catch.’
    • ‘A whopping 19.76 per cent of people never use a cool box to carry food to a picnic or barbecue and 13.73 per cent do not know when high-risk foods were cooked so it is therefore no surprise that food poisoning cases are increasing.’
    • ‘For a picnic, chill the strawberries and cream separately, take them along in a cool box, and assemble them on site.’
    • ‘It's one of those insulated cool box things with gel-pack slabs you put in the freezer for a couple of days before your shopping trip.’
    • ‘Now he will be making sure that he packs that lucky cool box when he sets sail on his next expedition.’
    • ‘And to further compound Mr Dixon's misery thieves smashed his VW camper van and stole equipment, including tents, a barbecue and a cool box worth £500, the following afternoon.’
    • ‘Inside the cool box, we packed, more or less at random, the picnic plates, a saucepan and the second-worst frying pan.’
    • ‘When we got off the boat we carried our cool box onto the beach and put it inside our straw hut.’
    • ‘For further executive car luxury, Travel Assistant fits between the rear seats and includes folding tables, an electric cool box, cupholders and a DVD player holder.’
    • ‘We stop at a small riverside beach for a picnic that the guides have transported in cool boxes strapped to their kayaks.’
    • ‘After a moment's panic a rummage through the cupboard revealed a cool box which should be just the thing.’