Definition of cookshop in English:



  • 1archaic A shop selling cooked food.

    • ‘Part of this reticence comes from Marx's contention that it is not for him to draw up ‘recipes for the cookshops of the future’.’
    • ‘It was a great contrast from the towering structures that lay ahead, behind, and at both sides of the street, this lone one-story cookshop at once the home of the worst and most expensive cup of coffee money could buy.’
    • ‘Marx, of course, was famously reluctant to provide recipes for future cookshops.’
  • 2British A shop selling cooking equipment.

    • ‘To mould the parfaits, use metal cutters if possible (available from good cookshops).’
    • ‘The best independent cookshops in the country come together each year to publish a compact catalogue of the best of the products in their shops.’
    • ‘The interior one is an old Boots cookshop while the shop front I liked because the very old logo was still visible on the wood once the more recent shop sign had been removed.’