Definition of cookery book in English:

cookery book


  • A book containing recipes and other information about the preparation and cooking of food.

    • ‘Now I, as previously mentioned, was no cook, but I did possess a cookery book and I did know the proportions of flour, fat and water required to make good pastry, having watched my mother do it many times.’
    • ‘It seems to me that her only qualification for writing a cookery book is that she employs a lot of cooks.’
    • ‘Budding cooks at a Bolton primary school have compiled a cookery book of their favourite recipes.’
    • ‘They are easy to make, the recipes are in any old cookery book and apart from the gas you burn cooking the things they are the cheapest pleasure going.’
    • ‘Learning to cook, or simply honing your skills, is a far more enjoyable experience in someone else's kitchen than diligently taking instructions from a cookery book.’
    • ‘The gifted chef also planned to write a cookery book.’
    • ‘I do have a very good idea for a cookery book, which I'll probably write soon.’
    • ‘There are few things less likely to stir the mind than a nice cookery book.’
    • ‘What would you nominate as your worst cookery book?’
    • ‘So, can anyone recommend a good cookery book for very young children?’
    • ‘Buy a cookery book and start learning that cooking with great ingredients is the recipe for fun and relaxation.’
    • ‘As yet, there are no plans to publish a cookery book on the back of the series, but the novel should be out next year.’
    • ‘Shortly afterwards, the first instalment of her famous cookery book entitled The Book of Household Management was published.’
    • ‘The menu is being sent out as a cookery book to hospitals and all are expected to have the chefs' specials available to patients by the end of the year.’
    • ‘They made up things, saying I'm doing a vegetarian cookery book.’
    • ‘So I've started a mission to work my way through each cookery book, trying each recipe that sounds edible.’
    • ‘I'd love to write a cookery book one day if any publishers are interested.’
    • ‘The two have just produced Healthy Eating for Diabetes, a cookery book full of recipes specially designed for sufferers.’
    • ‘Rose has now begun work on her next cookery book where the emphasis will be on eating for health, something she feels very strongly about after her brush with breast cancer three years ago.’
    • ‘We have never been a very book-oriented family and my grandmother certainly never had a cookery book.’


cookery book