Definition of cook-chill in English:



  • attributive Relating to or denoting a procedure whereby food is cooked and refrigerated by the manufacturer ready for reheating by the consumer.

    ‘cook-chill food’
    ‘cook-chill processes’
    • ‘The key to in-flight excellence, it seems, is choosing dishes that will survive the rigours of the cook-chill process - and after that, it's down to presentation.’
    • ‘Before April 2002, the food system was decentralized and was not cook-chill.’
    • ‘Mould-ripened cheeses (such as Brie and Stilton), soft boiled eggs, unpasteurised dairy food, pâté, ready-washed salads, cold prepared meats and cook-chill meals may all contain harmful bacteria.’
    • ‘Council chiefs issued a tough taste challenge when the Evening Press attacked plans to give cook-chill food to residents in elderly persons homes.’
    • ‘She believes the current cook-chill methods where food is transported from a factory in Colchester 150 miles away before being reheated at the GWH could prove to be fatal due to several crisis points on route.’
    • ‘Of course, light pastry doesn't work well in cook-chill but that is why each hospital will have to make food which fits the local choice and budget.’
    • ‘I know it is committee chairman Coun Bob Fletcher's belief that cook-chill will be better than having a cook working on the premises.’
    • ‘I had broken the story on Monday that City of York Council was considering buying cook-chill food from York District Hospital to give to residents in its elderly person's homes, with some of the homes' own cooks facing the chop.’
    • ‘And as for cook-chill meals, they are an insult to the elderly people who are going to have to eat them.’
    • ‘Danny Morgan, director of purchasing for York Health Trust, said the hospital had had cook-chill facilities installed last year capable of delivering high-quality food to outside organisations.’
    • ‘We get choice and quality using cook-chill food.’
    • ‘As home cooking dies, replaced with tasteless, additive-ridden, cook-chill plastic, our taste buds are losing what little discrimination they might have had.’