Definition of cooee in English:



  • Used to attract attention, especially at a distance:

    ‘‘Cooee!’ The call brought all three heads round’


[NO OBJECT]informal
  • Make a call to attract attention:

    ‘Liz had to cooee as he seemed in danger of blundering into the table’
    • ‘I cooeed back, and there was obvious relief in her replying cooee.’
    • ‘He hurried back, cooeeing and calling her name without getting an answer.’
    • ‘Bob was right with me when I pegged my first Yank nugget, but didn't seem all that enthusiastic when I started yelling and cooeeing at the top of my lungs, so I slunk off to find Chris so I could find more appreciative company.’
    • ‘I whistled and cooeed to John who was well out of sight and hearing by this stage, hoping that the wind would carry my voice.’
    • ‘I cooeed, which disturbed the dogs of the camp; but the cold wind blew so strong from the east, that I feared Charley would either not hear my cooee, or I not his.’
    • ‘That we seldom saw a snake was probably due to the noise we made cooeeing and ululating to each other through a labyrinth of tunnels under the wiry branches.’
    call, shout, exclaim, sing out, yell, shriek, scream, screech, bawl, bellow, roar, whoop
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Late 18th century: imitative of a signal used by Australian Aborigines and copied by settlers.