Definition of convo in English:



  • A conversation.

    ‘I struck up a convo with the girl sitting next to me’
    • ‘Next time you feel overlooked, join the convo instead of waiting for others to talk to you.’
    • ‘Developing savvy in voicing yourself is a super way to keep any convo going.’
    • ‘I've just had a convo pretty similar to this one.’
    • ‘Lisa didn't intend for Marcy's troubles to become fodder for caf convos.’
    • ‘You're more interested in a smarty who can carry off a decent convo.’
    • ‘Toward the end of the convo, I asked her, "Would you be interested in doing something with me sometime?"’
    • ‘The lecture seemed even longer than usual and our convo seemed to go on forever.’
    • ‘May scrolled up and read the convo over and over.’
    • ‘Look attentive to let the person know you're into the convo.’
    • ‘Strike up a convo with the girl sitting next to you.’
    • ‘My friend makes up an excuse to get off the phone five minutes into every convo.’
    • ‘While there's no need to include Hayley in every convo, be mindful of not letting her feel dissed.’
    • ‘Somehow the office convo had come around to the ideal makings of a romantic situation.’
    • ‘I got free drinks and the convo was pretty interesting.’
    • ‘Each book here is sure to spark a great convo at your first official book club!’
    • ‘That small excerpt of the convo is all my legal advisors will permit me to publish.’
    • ‘No more endless discussions with your buds - his name is now banished from your convos.’
    • ‘Hey, 'fessing to embarrassing stuff can make for great convos.’
    • ‘I love writing their convos; it's just plain fun in a basket.’
    • ‘Remind them your hearing problem isn't your fault and that you do your best to keep up with the convo.’
    discussion, talk, chat, gossip, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart, head-to-head, exchange, dialogue, parley, consultation, conference
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