Definition of convincingly in English:



  • 1In a way that causes someone to believe that something is true or real.

    ‘this chapter is not as convincingly argued’
    • ‘These are not developments that can be explained convincingly through the language of the decline, erosion, or loss of state power.’
    • ‘Most impressive of all were the extraordinarily well sung and convincingly choreographed choral scenes.’
    • ‘Neither dates nor provenances can convincingly explain the development of these distinct artistic languages.’
    • ‘No mayor in living memory has explicitly, convincingly made the case for an expanding, opportunity city.’
    • ‘That she goes on to prove this claim convincingly is a testament to the effectiveness of her method.’
    • ‘The key to any work is how convincingly an artist conveys his intent.’
    • ‘Projected on the gallery wall, the video of the event convincingly resembled programs hosted by televangelists.’
    • ‘Estimates of between 7 and 10 percent of the budget are often cited, but have never been convincingly proven.’
    • ‘The homeowner grabbed a toy gun and wielded it so convincingly that the criminals surrendered as he called the police.’
    • ‘Simply and convincingly, he forgives his enemies.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier In a way that leaves no margin of doubt as to who has won.
      ‘he convincingly defeated the current champion’
      • ‘If he doesn't win here, and win convincingly, his strategy of betting on the later, bigger states will go down as a prime example of political hara-kiri.’
      • ‘The hot favorites have to be the Tigers, after winning so convincingly last season.’
      • ‘She won the state senate primary convincingly over three little-known candidates.’
      • ‘His various books show his conviction that capitalism has won the ideological struggle convincingly and for all time.’
      • ‘Without the huge non-payment campaign, it is unlikely that the tax would have been so convincingly defeated.’
      • ‘It is a good plan, and after extensive discussion and analysis and questioning, the board voted convincingly in favor of it.’
      • ‘They reaffirmed their status on the South American beach soccer scene, convincingly overcoming the challenge of Venezuela.’
      • ‘In November, she convincingly won the presidency in a runoff against her soccer-star opponent.’
      • ‘He convincingly won the first set but slipped 3-0 down in the second before breaking back to force a tiebreaker.’
      • ‘The center-right party convincingly won the general election and now has an overall majority of 368 seats.’