Definition of convict station in English:

convict station


  • A place designed for the imprisonment and punishment of convicts.

    ‘one of the most appalling and cruel of all the convict stations’
    • ‘It's home to Australia's best-known convict station and famed among surfers for the wild waves at Shipstern Bluff.’
    • ‘The grey-green swell; the cold, stark light; the mournful, deserted island with its ruined convict station; what did they remind us of?’
    • ‘In 1834 he was appointed political and military governor of the island of Juan Fernandez, then used as a convict station by Chile.’
    • ‘The National Park has a varied history of European occupation: it was a whaling station in the early 1800s, then a convict station.’
    • ‘Tasman's Inn, once the Norfolk Bay Convict Station, is a green and white building on a side road.’
    • ‘Most black convicts from the 'Old Prison' were transferred to the De Beers convict station to be hired at reduced rates.’
    • ‘Before Port Arthur, there was Maria Island, a convict station in the sea.’
    • ‘As the number of convicts declined in the next two years, he was able to close a number of the convict stations near Hobart.’
    • ‘Despite at least two warnings from the colony's governor, he persisted and was sent to the convict stations on the island.’
    • ‘The penal colony, known everywhere as one of the most appalling and cruel of all the convict stations, operated from Sarah Island.’