Definition of convict settlement in English:

convict settlement


  • A place designed for the imprisonment and punishment of convicts.

    ‘dysentery was rife in the nearby convict settlement’
    • ‘Fear of starvation led to a division of the First Fleeters into two convict settlements.’
    • ‘The traditional explanation that New South Wales was colonized to provide a convict settlement is more plausible.’
    • ‘He was appointed Steward and Clerk at the convict settlement at $120 per year plus housing and rations.’
    • ‘The first Australian towns were convict settlements, with large numbers of soldiers and administrators.’
    • ‘Highlights include the rainforest walkway at Heritage Landing and the remains of the Sarah Island convict settlement.’
    • ‘We know it was a hell-on-earth convict settlement back in the 1800s.’
    • ‘He was sent to the Andaman Islands to reorganize the convict settlement there.’
    • ‘Mandatory sentencing is a nasty, insidious creation of our generation that not even the convict settlement introduced.’
    • ‘Take a cruise to Bruny Island to see spectacular wildlife or drive to Port Arthur to discover Australia's first convict settlement.’
    • ‘Founded as a convict settlement, Hobart has had continuous, modest growth.’