Definition of convict establishment in English:

convict establishment


  • A place designed for the imprisonment and punishment of convicts.

    ‘the supplying of the convict establishment gave the settlers an assured local market’
    • ‘Brisbane Town emerged as the administrative and military base for the convict establishment until 1842.’
    • ‘The Commissariat continued to pay for all convict establishments up to 1855, and for British Military forces in New South Wales.’
    • ‘The Fremantle Six still carried the torment from their ordeals at the Convict Establishment.’
    • ‘The report drew attention to the cost of convict establishments.’
    • ‘The secret agent, posing as an American millionaire, learned what he could about the place they called the Convict Establishment.’
    • ‘His first spell at the Colonial Office brought Carnarvon into contact with the administration of convict establishments.’
    • ‘This important book examines the design of convict establishments throughout the Australian colonies.’
    • ‘His duties as Commanding Royal Engineer included the construction of buildings for the convict establishment.’
    • ‘Colonists had grown rich on the expenditure of the convict establishments.’
    • ‘1847 Earl Grey, having partaken of his cuppa, closed the convict establishment in NSW and kicked all the convicts down south to Tassie.’