Definition of conversion factor in English:

conversion factor


  • 1An arithmetical multiplier for converting a quantity expressed in one set of units into an equivalent expressed in another.

    • ‘The height of a pile of corn 60.8 feet in diameter can be estimated by multiplying the diameter by the height conversion factor from Table 1.’
    • ‘Where results were published per unit of wet tissue weight, we applied a conversion factor of 6.0.’
    • ‘What is the equivalent speed in mph using the conversion factor of 1.6093 km per mile?’
    • ‘The credit conversion factor will be 100 per cent.’
    • ‘The rule contains an updated conversion factor for 2002 of $36.19, which is 5.4 percent lower than the current conversion factor.’
  • 2Economics
    The manufacturing cost of a product relative to the cost of raw materials.

    • ‘Conversion factors can be calculated and used when testing the economic viability of a project.’
    • ‘If the same conversion factor is still applied but the time unit interval is reduced (e.g., to 12 minutes), then the group can increase both billings and revenue for all cases.’
    • ‘We've got to optimize the conversion factor from design to the final product.’