Definition of conversazione in English:



  • A scholarly social gathering held for discussion of literature and the arts.

    • ‘Dr. Latimore, a conversazione attendee, allows that ‘‘the tones of [Iola's] voice are like benedictions of peace; her words a call to higher service and nobler life ’’.’
    • ‘Their next meeting, at a conversazione, in April 1817, was much more the thing: within two days they had consummated their love in one of Byron's ‘casinos’.’
    • ‘The church meeting's tones are of profound sadness and joyful exuberance; the conversazione's atmosphere is marked by deep seriousness and the rhetoric of self-improvement.’
    • ‘Yet his voice - and the social perspectives and class backgrounds that it reflects and expresses - is never heard at the conversazione because, we must presume, of his folk culture roots.’
    • ‘Thus the title character's voice, Robert's silence at the conversazione, and the plot's narrative structure send powerful messages about the black future that virtually overrun the contesting call-and-response dynamic.’
    • ‘In this period, as connoisseurs and virtuosi honed their new skills, they dreamed of possessing galleries of rare and splendid collections to enhance their status and to enjoy the pleasures of conversazioni.’


Italian, from Latin conversatio (see conversation).