Definition of conversation piece in English:

conversation piece


  • 1A painting of a genre in which groups of figures are posed in a landscape or domestic setting, popular especially in the 18th century.

    • ‘We have all seen the intense concentration that appears on the face of Anne Buxton in the conversation piece by Henry Walton, an expression that becomes the subject of Reynolds's ‘fancy’ picture A Boy Reading.’
    • ‘He preferred the small, informal portrait, the conversation piece, landscape, and genre painting to full-length portraits in 18th-century British art.’
    • ‘He is portrayed in a conversation piece of c.1735-40 by James Worsdale, now in the National Gallery of Ireland.’
    collector's item, rare person, rare thing, rare bird, marvel, wonder, nonpareil, one of a kind, find
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  • 2An object whose unusual quality makes it a topic of conversation.

    ‘an umbrella stand conversation piece painted in garish colours’
    • ‘Despite these other reasons, she said the main reason she bought the horse is it's a nice conversation piece that looks good in her shop.’
    • ‘If you buy a properly researched piece of art, it will become a conversation piece and enrich lives.’
    • ‘They also make a great conversation piece because of their very unusual colors.’
    • ‘Though it remains monotonous and fails to have the spark that will compel you to finish it, it oozes quality and would make a great conversation piece at Christmas Dinner.’
    • ‘It can be a conversation piece and is not just a beverage.’
    • ‘The remaining empty seat was a big conversation piece.’
    • ‘Whether hip-hop, classical, or traditional, the tune you carry will be an obvious conversation piece.’
    • ‘Amazingly, it works rather well also, and is serving as a great conversation piece.’
    • ‘The books are not really about practical advice or ideas for the home - they are novelty items, a treat for the eyes and a conversation piece for the coffee table.’
    • ‘‘It adds so much interest to the home and it's definitely a conversation piece,’ Thompson said.’
    • ‘Playing an important role in the overall design are a few family heirlooms, including the glass-top coffee table, often a conversation piece.’
    • ‘Each year we have them out in front of the house and it is a conversation piece.’
    • ‘It had always struck him that they would make a great conversation piece.’
    • ‘In the end the only useful purpose the movie serves is as an excellent conversation piece.’
    • ‘Keep the device in slide show mode and it will become a terrific conversation piece.’
    • ‘The root is so magnificently ugly with its rough textured black hide that it makes a fabulous conversation piece.’
    • ‘The flexible screen makes an excellent conversation piece and accent to my room decor.’
    • ‘By the same token, an original or funky coffee table, end table or even barstool can serve as the conversation piece of your loft.’
    • ‘Instead, it's a conversation piece that is destined to draw attention.’
    • ‘What it is, is a high-quality miniature that makes a great conversation piece.’
    oddity, curio, novelty, object of virtu, collector's item
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conversation piece