Definition of conversation lolly in English:

conversation lolly


NZ, Australian
  • A flat sweet stamped with a phrase or motto.

    ‘I extracted a conversation lolly upon which I read the words, 'I love you'’
    • ‘She'd reward me by bringing out a bag of conversation lollies.’
    • ‘There were races for ladies and gents too, of course, and the rewards for these were conversation lollies.’
    • ‘Boiled lollies were sold in cones twisted from a piece of white paper, but Conversation lollies were my pick.’
    • ‘The shop offered many different sweets, including the pastel-hued conversation lollies with their sometimes cheeky, sometimes romantic and sometimes wistful messages.’
    • ‘The favourites at the time were conversation lollies, which have never gone out of fashion.’
    • ‘The reward of virtue might be a conversation lolly carrying a text.’
    • ‘Once he had given her a conversation lolly, lettered pink.’
    • ‘Tommy had once passed me a conversation lolly when I was still at school.’
    • ‘I expect a conversation lolly with my tea.’
    • ‘She bought conversation lollies in the shape of pastel-tinted and perfumed hearts with exclamatory endearments printed on them.’