Definition of conversant in English:



  • predicative Familiar with or knowledgeable about something.

    ‘you need someone who is conversant with the new technology’
    • ‘Ironically, the programme carried a full page of refereeing hand signals as if to confirm that there are many still not conversant with this captivating game.’
    • ‘It went beyond having to be conversant with American history and values.’
    • ‘Getting the message through to a team made up of 11 foreign players, some of whom are not that conversant in English, cannot have been one of the easiest things to do.’
    • ‘The Chairman said he thought that in order that the members would be fully conversant with the Harbour facilities they should make the tour of inspection.’
    • ‘He's presumably fully conversant with the principals behind conflict of interests and the reasons why you disclose.’
    • ‘From my own research, it takes roughly three hours - from the moment you drop them at the gate on the first day of school to the moment you pick them up - for them to become fully conversant.’
    • ‘This requires all practitioners to be conversant with all the major therapies which places a large burden on the teaching establishments and those of further education.’
    • ‘Challengers need to learn as much as they can to prepare for all questions and become conversant with every area of policy.’
    • ‘Get conversant with the interior of your body, understand the wondrous mechanism and realise what it does for you and thank it.’
    • ‘But he has shown in a matter of weeks that his determination to succeed on the field is matched by his willingness to integrate, which means being conversant in English.’
    • ‘Well-rounded students are conversant in many disciplines, she said.’
    • ‘I forget sometime that she and I have known each other for twelve years and that she is quite conversant in my family history.’
    • ‘In addition to our existing draughting and engineering skills we had to become conversant with computer technology and programming.’
    • ‘Is there any senior political figure reckoned to be genuinely knowledgeable and conversant in technology policy?’
    • ‘I'm not conversant in French myself, so I can't be sure if this is a reliable translation of the questions that were actually used.’
    • ‘Already conversant in seven languages when he went to India, Carey learned Bengali and began translating the Bible into that language.’
    • ‘Well, apparently he's not all that conversant with the word ‘shame’ either.’
    • ‘There are probably no surprises here for practitioners or readers conversant with recent research on child development.’
    • ‘In return, the trio expected certificates issued by the Forest department that they were conversant with charming snakes.’
    • ‘Most of my working life was as a sales representative for a major insurer covering the majority of the county so I am fairly well conversant with the area.’
    familiar with, acquainted with, au fait with, at home with, no stranger to
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Middle English: from Old French, present participle of converser (see converse). The original sense was ‘habitually spending time in a particular place or with a particular person’.