Definition of conversance in English:



  • See conversant

    • ‘A proper understanding of these images relies on a conversance with the doctrinal sources treating the decaying corpse as a subject for devotional practice.’
    • ‘Pupils and students can be shown that through reading and listening to great poems you can relate to language ‘as that wherein the openness and conversance of world first of all bursts forth and is.’’
    • ‘Students will gain conversance with a range of artistic techniques, materials, and objects and engage in cross-cultural analysis.’
    • ‘Where the legal principle involved is sufficiently basic and elementary, lack of conversance with it constitutes gross ignorance of the law.’
    • ‘Under new regulations trustees will be required to have greater knowledge, understanding and conversance of the schemes they administer, and play a more proactive role to ensure its solvency says Jane Fryer’