Definition of convect in English:



[with object]
  • 1Transport (heat or fluid ) by convection.

    ‘this gas fire convects heat efficiently’
    • ‘In simple terms, a phase-change cooler works like a water-cooling system - it uses a fluid to take heat energy from one place to another place where it is radiated or convected out into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘It gives you a warm body and cool head rather than the stuffy heat provided by radiators or other forms of convected or warm air heating.’
    • ‘A small grille just above the keyboard serves as an exit for the heat-pipe used to convect heat away from the processor.’
    • ‘Drift algae, which are largely absent from tropical reefs, fuel secondary production on temperate reefs by convecting organic carbon from the water column to the seafloor.’
    • ‘How do geophysicists determine whether the mantle convects heat from the molten-iron core to the surface crust, rather than conducting heat through motionless rock?’
    • ‘The fin frame allows the motor to conduct and convect heat, which smoothbody motors don't do as well.’
    • ‘In summer, hot air from the cavity is released at roof level: the cooling effect of convected air rising through the cavity is expected to reduce mechanical chilling loads significantly.’
    • ‘As the cell is convected forward and starts to roll over the surface, the tether elongates considerably.’
    • ‘Such automated convected climatic control is by no means unusual these days, but in the Turkish pavilion it is more clearly articulated than in any other at Expo.’
    • ‘Because the air above 6 feet is not mixed, about half the heat gain from people and nearly all the lighting gain is convected out of the space before it causes a temperature gain in the occupied zone.’
    1. 1.1no object (of a fluid or fluid body) undergo convection.
      ‘the fluid starts to convect’
      • ‘Another factor is composition, which influences the ability of a body to convect.’
      • ‘On the other hand, if an oceanic plate made of dense basalt hits a low-density continental plate then the former will plunge underneath, pushing back into the hot, convecting mantle.’
      • ‘Apparently, the interiors of the Moon, Mercury, and Mars are either too rigid or have lost too much of their internal heat to convect and drive plate tectonics.’
      • ‘The other sees the entire mantle as convecting and depleted.’
      • ‘There is also a lot of evidence regarding how the outer core of the Earth convects and that helps to establish the temperature.’
      • ‘For Hess, planet Earth was like a caldron of boiling water bubbling at the center (the mid-ocean ridges) and then convecting sideways before cooling and falling back into the interior of the pot (the marginal trenches).’
      • ‘Who of us has dared venture close enough to feel the air convect in our ears?’
      • ‘The water coming out of the vent is very hot but nearby it's quite cold, because water is not a good conductor of heat and the heated water from the vent convects upwards, drawing cold water in from the environment.’
      • ‘So while the mantle is convecting, and material is moving around, these dense piles of material do not get pushed around that much.’
      • ‘If the permeability of the rock is sufficiently high, and the density difference of the hot and cold groundwater is large enough, the groundwater body will start convecting in much the same way as happens above magmatic intrusions.’


Late 19th century: back-formation from convection.