Definition of contributor in English:



  • 1A person or thing that contributes something.

    ‘Hunt was the largest contributor of hymns to these collections’
    • ‘First, she identifies a number of key contributors to the century's economic debates.’
    • ‘Relying on these contributors for our primary support is very shortsighted.’
    • ‘Thanks to the contributors, helpers, and residents for their cooperation, and assistance.’
    • ‘But at the same time, he says, many will resist the trend, claiming that catering to the market undercuts the academy's role as cultural contributor and watchdog.’
    • ‘Indicators had shown policy makers that through the 1990s agriculture had increasingly become an important contributor to the economy.’
    • ‘Those are significant contributors to supporting continued economic growth, better employment figures, and lower unemployment figures.’
    • ‘The district was a major contributor in the oilseed production in the State, and the groundnut, gingelly and coconut oil extraction units provided employment to many.’
    • ‘The conspicuity of tourism as one of the major contributors to the national economy is well known and does not need further elaboration.’
    • ‘He dithered endlessly during the energy crisis because he had to choose; he ran the risk of offending major contributors such as utility and energy companies.’
    • ‘In developing countries, children serve as one of the major contributors to family income.’
    • ‘The UK is, after all, a net contributor to the EU budget.’
    • ‘The more we support our young children today, the better contributors they will be to a good society.’
    • ‘And, as contributors, we all challenged and supported each other.’
    • ‘Voluntary contributors support museums, theaters, research centers, and even hospitals.’
    • ‘India and Pakistan, potential major contributors, have also declined.’
    • ‘The school is a key part of our community and a significant contributor to our local economy.’
    • ‘The region also has a long seafaring history and although other enterprises now prosper in Galicia, the fishing industry is a large employer and economic contributor.’
    1. 1.1 A person who writes articles for a magazine or newspaper.
      ‘he became a regular contributor to the magazine’
      • ‘Do you write articles for your local newspaper, or are you a contributor to a local newspaper who just loves covering hockey?’
      • ‘A farmer by choice, Kevin has also written a number of books and essays and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines in Northern Ireland.’
      • ‘Dr Nafi is a frequent contributor to Arab newspapers.’
      • ‘I was an avid contributor to the magazine in my schooldays, but my last contribution was as a 16-year-old in 1955, my matric year.’
      • ‘He was a regular contributor to this magazine, primarily via his comments on items he viewed as incorrect or incomplete.’
      • ‘He had been a frequent contributor to the magazine.’
      • ‘He is a frequent contributor to several newspapers and national dance publications.’
      • ‘During his student years he was also a contributor to newspapers in Sofia.’
      • ‘He was a frequent contributor to the journal, having over a dozen articles published in it, mostly on over-ground or underground railways, his last piece being published as recently as 2000.’
      • ‘He had some support from the French contributors, led by Dr Chataing.’
      • ‘He is a widely syndicated newspaper columnist, a frequent contributor to leading periodicals, and a lecturer.’
      • ‘He is also a visiting professor at Yale and a contributor to The Nation magazine.’
      • ‘In fact it is likely that Coleridge, who was himself a contributor to the Monthly Magazine, read some or all of these correspondences.’
      • ‘She has written 12 books, each concerned with how we create meaning, and is a frequent contributor to newspapers, magazines, television and radio.’
      • ‘She is the author of more than 30 novels, for adults, young adults and children, and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, both print and online, all over the world.’
      • ‘The writer is a Civil Engineer and is a regular contributor to various newspapers in Pakistan.’
      • ‘He was an occasional contributor to this magazine in the 1960s.’
      • ‘Lynda Richardson, who specializes in environmental photography, is a long-time contributor to this magazine.’
      • ‘In addition to being a regular contributor to the magazine, he is a renowned expert on demographics.’
      • ‘He is a frequent contributor to leading newspapers on subjects of topical interest.’
      • ‘Sir Max Hastings gave up editing after six years in charge of the Evening Standard to become, he said, once more an author of books and a mere contributor to newspapers.’
      writer, feature writer, columnist, correspondent, reporter, journalist, penman
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    2. 1.2 A person who donates to a cause.
      ‘Australia is also a major contributor of development assistance to the region’
      • ‘It will likely cost more than any previous war, with few contributors.’
      • ‘Many thanks to all contributors for their support.’
      • ‘Thanks was also expressed to all sponsors, contributors and volunteer workers.’
      • ‘She runs a lighting manufacturing business in the area and is one of the contributors towards the cost of the patrols.’
      • ‘These proposals have more to do with rewarding campaign contributors and lobbying patrons than with economic stimulus.’
      • ‘He is so eager to accommodate his supporters and contributors that there seems to be very little that he is not willing to do for them at the expense of the public interest.’
      • ‘Thanks to all contributors for their continuous support.’
      • ‘The U.S. Agency for International Development was the largest single contributor.’
      • ‘This doctrine conveniently has wide appeal among the major contributors from business and finance, but it doesn't promise much for the folks who vote.’
      • ‘Can anyone imagine that they would shovel that cash to their friends and campaign contributors the minute they were able to do so?’
      • ‘Only then will more credible candidates emerge whom contributors can support.’
      • ‘He also was accused of favouring rich friends and campaign contributors - a view he strongly disputed.’
      • ‘Jobs were slashed, top contributors were promoted, and business units consolidated.’
      • ‘Appreciation was also extended to all the sponsors and contributors for making the show such a success.’
      • ‘The contributors are all beneficiaries of the charity which will have donated more than £50m to organisations worldwide by the end of 2002.’
      • ‘The contributors identify the strains and costs associated with maintaining this system.’
      • ‘May we wish a happy new year to all of our readers, contributors and supporters.’
      donor, benefactor, benefactress, giver, subscriber
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    3. 1.3 A causal factor in the existence or occurrence of something.
      ‘stress is a major contributor to most diseases’
      • ‘The 1998 tax on pension fund dividend income and changes in pension liability accounting have been major contributors to recent problems.’
      • ‘The trade body said it focused on salt when alcohol consumption and being overweight were major contributors to high blood pressure.’
      • ‘Those social and demographic factors may be key contributors to potential crises in the future.’
      • ‘In addition, the book does not put much emphasis on ethnicity and culture as major contributors to disease.’
      • ‘Dairy products are major contributors of saturated fat and cholesterol to the diet.’
      • ‘Solvent-based paints contain organic compounds that are major contributors towards ozone pollution.’
      • ‘Social factors are potent contributors to ill health.’
      • ‘This is just one aspect of oil use - the increasing prevalence of plastic based disposable lifestyles is also a major contributor.’
      • ‘That is 5,000 more than they have had over previous bank holidays and the general improvement in the weather was named as the major contributor in getting people out of their homes.’
      • ‘During the past century, such disease has changed from minor cause of death and disability to one of the major contributors to the global burden of disease.’
      • ‘Air pollution, of which vehicle emissions are the major contributor, is thought to be responsible for around 24,000 premature deaths in the UK every year.’
      • ‘It said tax cuts and overruns in government spending were major contributors to the budget slippage in 2002.’
      • ‘But increases in fatty food consumption over the past 30 years as well as a decrease in physical activity are also major contributors.’
      • ‘Clinical research in this part of the world should focus more evenly on the major contributors to burden of disease.’
      • ‘Our west coast rivers have seen the salmon and sea trout populations collapse and there is no doubt that fish farming has been a major contributor.’
      • ‘Excise duty, in particular, has become one of the major contributors fuelling the illegal trade in cigarettes and oil.’
      • ‘To blame one party as the major contributor is unfair.’
      • ‘We are major contributors and Australia is a real force for good in the region.’
      • ‘Two major contributors to the success of the tourist industry in recent years have been the US and Britain.’
      • ‘Lack of physical activity is a major contributor to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.’