Definition of contribution in English:



  • 1A gift or payment to a common fund or collection.

    ‘the agency is mainly financed from voluntary contributions’
    • ‘It was a civil ceremony and afterwards we had a picnic where everyone brought along a food contribution of some sort.’
    • ‘Don't forget that there is a special collection box in each porch for contributions to the renovation fund.’
    • ‘The group does not charge for its services, but many users make a voluntary contribution.’
    • ‘Commercial banks will shift their contribution from the Fund to the institute.’
    • ‘Thanks to all the people who have made an annual contribution to this collection.’
    • ‘We want to do everything we can to narrow the gap and having a pay equity fund is a positive contribution in that regard.’
    • ‘The membership decided to make two contributions to charities from funds raised.’
    • ‘The survey shows a big increase in the contribution of direct payments to farm income.’
    • ‘You also have the option of making either regular payments or one-off contributions, or both.’
    • ‘He refused fees, but suggested instead a contribution to the research fund that he established.’
    • ‘We rely entirely on voluntary contributions to keep more than 60 services running.’
    • ‘If the deficit has increased then we will have to increase our contribution to the fund as an employer.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, you have about six years in which to top up your private pension with additional voluntary contributions.’
    • ‘However, anyone wishing to make a contribution to the fund can do so and it will be forwarded to head office.’
    • ‘We have also agreed to an increase in our rent contribution as a result of the improvements.’
    • ‘The organisation is a voluntary one, totally replying on contributions and fund raising.’
    • ‘Unless attached to a mosque, they depended on voluntary contributions, tuition fees and free meals.’
    • ‘The centre would be funded through developers' contributions and additional lottery grants.’
    • ‘Financial contributions from individuals funded office and printing expenses.’
    • ‘Nor will an imposed contribution result in hardship to an impoverished parent.’
    donation, gift, benefaction, offering, present, handout
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    1. 1.1 The part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance.
      ‘the major contribution of social scientists to the understanding of political life’
      ‘there was scarcely a branch of art to which he did not make a contribution’
      • ‘This family has made a major contribution to our social, cultural and historic heritage.’
      • ‘Does it celebrate his unique gifts and encourage the contribution he is more than eager to make?’
      • ‘The floods and prolonged hot weather this year made major contributions to the decline in grain production.’
      • ‘His six symphonies are coming to be regarded as a major contribution to the genre in the 20th century.’
      • ‘We British have made three major contributions to culinary excellence.’
      • ‘Jack made a major contribution to life in this part of Roscommon over many years.’
      • ‘Thus the city should be brought to recognise his contribution to civic welfare.’
      • ‘Despite his major contribution to medical science, he died reviled, his name soon forgotten.’
      • ‘His work was therefore a major contribution to both geometry and to dynamics.’
      • ‘This redevelopment would enable the South Yorkshire area to make a major contribution to this growth target.’
      • ‘Tonight's awards highlight just some of the major contributions British Muslims make to our society.’
      • ‘As a result, teams can fail to leverage the unique contributions each member may bring.’
      • ‘All three students made a major contribution to the college's work to encourage good race relations in the town.’
      • ‘Each can make different but important contributions to promoting sustainable development.’
      • ‘Both made major contributions to the Irish team and are at the very top of their game.’
      • ‘Fiona does not appear to have made a major contribution to the children's emotional or physical development.’
      • ‘It is recognised that this ban will have a major contribution in reducing the levels of this parameter.’
      • ‘It is widely accepted by commentators that he has made a major contribution to the peace process.’
      • ‘There were other major individual contributions to this most entertaining of matches.’
      • ‘The third topic to which Eisenstein made a major contribution was the theory of elliptic functions.’
      input into, participation in, involvement in
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    2. 1.2 A piece of writing submitted for publication in a journal, book, etc.
      ‘local historians are requesting contributions for a forthcoming book on the history of the community’
      • ‘All articles or any contributions to the book would be most welcome and can be sent into the school office this December.’
      • ‘It is a truly international book, with contributions from women on every continent.’
      • ‘His contributions to the local paper became more critical of Dutch society.’
      • ‘The website has an article featuring reader contributions.’
      • ‘The magazine remains open to contributions from anyone who chooses to submit them.’
      • ‘We would therefore warmly welcome contributions to the journal that take forward the conversations started here.’
      • ‘His newspaper contributions predated his novels by over two decades, as he looked to supplement his income as a civil servant.’
      • ‘Even on the shoddiest of student papers, contributions do at least get edited by another pair of eyes.’
      • ‘Since then people have always asked me for books, or for contributions to magazines.’
      • ‘One of the best contributions of the book is its section on fantasies and pleasure.’
      • ‘The vast majority of articles in the paper are signed contributions from rank and file militants.’
      • ‘The book contains contributions from staff, clients and local restaurants.’
      • ‘I hope it will be the first of many Muslim contributions to our local paper.’
      • ‘Normally, contributions to academic law journals hardly rate a mention in the mass media.’
      • ‘The book is made up of numerous contributions from student and teacher activists.’
      • ‘He helped to found the Edinburgh Review and his contributions made it the leading political journal of the day.’
      • ‘There are at least four central questions that the contributions in this book seek to address.’
      • ‘His research interest was the metabolism of radioactive drugs, and he made many contributions to books and papers.’
      • ‘Included in their varied contributions were poems and writings of Tim Bobbin and Edwin Waugh.’
      • ‘Writing another book is the path ahead, along with her regular newspaper and magazine contributions.’
      article, piece, story, item, chapter, paper, essay, a few paragraphs, a few words
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Late Middle English (denoting a tax or levy): from late Latin contributio(n-), from Latin contribuere ‘bring together, add’ (see contribute).