Definition of contrate wheel in English:

contrate wheel


  • another term for crown wheel
    • ‘The ivory contrate wheel drives the metal pinion for the ivory crown wheel.’
    • ‘If the pivot guard needs to be rotated to suit a contrate wheel to one side, carefully remove the balance cock, complete with hairspring, balance wheel etc.’
    • ‘Note how the balance wheels are in a horizontal position being driven by the movement train through a contrate wheel which allows for the change in position.’
    • ‘The back plate had a jewel for the contrate wheel.’
    • ‘These were driven by a series of bevel gears, contrate wheels, pinions and long axles extending from the centre to the ends.’


Late 17th century: contrate (a rare adjective meaning ‘opposed, contrary’) from medieval Latin contrata ‘lying opposite’, from Latin contra ‘against’.


contrate wheel