Definition of contrasty in English:



  • (of a photograph, film, or television picture) showing a high degree of contrast.

    ‘the picture is sharp and contrasty, not a muted grey’
    • ‘Lighting in these environments presents a twofold problem: The canopy of treetops makes it dim, and it is almost always dappled and contrasty.’
    • ‘Beautiful fine-grain film easily gets too contrasty.’
    • ‘His wonderfully contrasty pictures made us all aware of the noble, Roman solidity of some of the structures and the simple, honed elegance of their detailing.’
    • ‘This is a very contrasty negative that will not print well even on a grade 0 or 1 paper.’
    • ‘The paper must generally be a contrasty bromide emulsion.’
    • ‘They can be very contrasty, and the range of highlights and shadows may be beyond the capacity of your film to record.’
    • ‘The dark tones have all the opposite properties, being coarse, grainy, cold and contrasty.’