Definition of contrary to in English:

contrary to


  • Conflicting with or running counter to.

    ‘contrary to his expectations, he found the atmosphere exciting’
    • ‘I know all the arguments in favour of that view but see them as contrary to all human experience.’
    • ‘The findings seem to be quite contrary to the general belief that smoking is on the rise.’
    • ‘It is counterintuitive and contrary to everything that we have been told.’
    • ‘And contrary to popular belief, the employees work all year round to make the poppies.’
    • ‘It would come across as being contrary to the romantic notion of the sharing of wine.’
    • ‘They are strong, redolent of the dignity of human life, and contrary to many images of female nudity.’
    • ‘Yet such efforts will necessarily run contrary to British sympathies and our attitudes to the state.’
    • ‘The results of my attempts to do this are interesting and run contrary to much popular belief.’
    • ‘He refused to comment on the nature of his release and insisted he had not been shot, contrary to earlier reports.’
    • ‘Over the last decade, however, they have become known for a role contrary to their original intent.’
    in conflict with, against, at variance with, at odds with, in opposition to, not in accord with, counter to, conflicting with, incompatible with
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