Definition of contractually in English:



  • In a way that is agreed in or enforced by a contract.

    ‘he was contractually entitled to a year's severance pay’
    • ‘Let's get the contractually obliged guff out of the way quickly.’
    • ‘The seller may re-present complying documents, within the contractually appointed period.’
    • ‘Pressure these high-profile vendors to contractually guarantee against infringement claims by covering court costs.’
    • ‘Interpersonal trusting choices were less frequent following a contractually mandated cooperative history than with no cooperative history at all.’
    • ‘The next most common scenario is seen in companies that are contractually compelled to use multiple systems to meet customer requirements.’
    • ‘This conduct is difficult to reconcile with the view that the parties were already contractually bound to each other.’
    • ‘With most of the high-impact cost-cutting options, we aren't contractually allowed to do this unilaterally.’
    • ‘Any risks that cannot be controlled technically must be handled contractually.’
    • ‘This method was cheaper than importing additional workers that could no longer be contractually bound.’
    • ‘There is no contractually agreed sharing of control—this is not a joint venture.’