Definition of contractive in English:



  • See contract

    • ‘When banks have large amounts of both foreign and domestic currency assets and liabilities on their books, the quality of their dollar claims on domestic obligors tends to be undermmined worst of all by contractive exchange crises.’
    • ‘Whether we experience health or sickness, love or hatred, strength or weakness, wisdom or ignorance, joy or sorrow, depends entirely on whether we apply these ordinary human tools in an expansive or contractive manner.’
    • ‘We began by having a heated discussion on the use of apostrophes and whether the contractive use and the possessive use can be combined.’
    • ‘Like the previous budgets of the past seven years, the spending plan is austere and is even likely to have a contractive effect on the economy.’
    • ‘While the action of Jupiter and Saturn may seem contradictory, they represent a balance between the continually expansive and contractive forces that naturally dance in this dualistic universe.’