Definition of contract note in English:

contract note


  • A certificate confirming the terms of a sale of specified assets or securities between two parties.

    • ‘Clients' account balances are also updated in real time and settlement and contract notes are dealt with electronically.’
    • ‘He had used a back street ‘trader’ operating in some pub or other and couldn't even prove that he has handed over his cash as no contract notes were ever issued.’
    • ‘It is understood that clients who received contract notes from them for specific sales and purchases of stock cannot assume the transactions were completed as ordered, or that the share certificates or funds involved are secure.’
    • ‘Telephone traders using the service can for example receive contract notes through the post rather than by e-mail, and pay no more for trading than their Internet counterparts.’
    • ‘'A blue contract note is not a share certificate,' he said.’
    • ‘In fact, they allege, there was no foreign exchange dealing, only the creation of contract notes and statements of account that were used to represent to the Inland Revenue that there had been such trading.’
    • ‘Details of expiry dates are given on their website or on the contract note you receive after a trade.’