Definition of contingency plan in English:

contingency plan


  • A plan designed to take account of a possible future event or circumstance.

    ‘contingency plans for possible war in the Middle East’
    • ‘Number one on the list, get a contingency plan in place that could deal with up to 20 percent of the work force being out sick at any one time.’
    • ‘Despite businessmen's worries, the government says it has not made a contingency plan to help contain the impact of war on the country's exports.’
    • ‘The report outlines 31 findings, including a call for a national contingency plan for foot-and-mouth disease.’
    • ‘The contingency plan offered the possibility of an antibiotic prescription if the child did not get better.’
    • ‘Everyone is fit and healthy and we are pleased to say the contingency plan we put together worked very well.’
    • ‘They didn't have a contingency plan for a major event.’
    • ‘The good news is, New Yorkers are following the strike contingency plan we developed and put into effect early this morning.’
    • ‘Earlier this month the department published an interim contingency plan designed to be used in the event of an animal health outbreak tomorrow.’
    • ‘Since this is really a contingency plan, the amount of work done on the design and procurement should be commensurate.’
    • ‘And what is the contingency plan to deal with a flu outbreak should it occur?’
    • ‘In the event of a vote in favour of a continuation of the pay claim, the union has a contingency plan in place for the resumption of industrial action in September.’
    • ‘Even if the plan is never used, drafting an emergency contingency plan can still help you identify problem areas in your business.’
    • ‘Instead he fell back on the contingency plan he had, with remarkable foresight, worked out earlier in the summer.’
    • ‘There is a contingency plan in place and we are hoping to borrow a goalkeeper until the end of the season.’
    • ‘After the team submitted its report, the Ministry of Agriculture would prepare a contingency plan to deal with the situation.’
    • ‘Only one in four firms has a contingency plan in place to keep the business afloat if disaster strikes, according to industry statistics.’
    • ‘Stunt performers also need to take into account every eventuality of mechanical failure or human error occurring in any stunt and always have a contingency plan in place.’
    • ‘The key element of Business Continuity is the contingency plan, commonly known as a business continuity plan.’
    • ‘The over-expenditure is part of the contingency plan recently forwarded to the Southern Health and Social Services Board.’
    • ‘She said Ireland has a contingency plan specifying the measures to be implemented in the event of an outbreak.’