Definition of continence in English:



  • See continent

    • ‘In addition, they often undergo frequent orthopedic, urologic, and neurologic procedures, as well as daily contact with latex products to maintain bladder and bowel continence.’
    • ‘Sexual continence and silence have long been valued as paths of purity.’
    • ‘It is owing to this want of continence that everything is on the brink of ruin in our country.’
    • ‘Secondary enuresis, whereby children establish urinary continence and relapse after age five or six is less common, and is associated with more stressful life events.’
    • ‘Self-reports of urinary continence showed no difference between groups.’
    • ‘And it was St. Augustine who proclaimed, ‘Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.’’
    • ‘The traditional pillars of American conservatism were fiscal continence and isolationism.’
    • ‘Proctocolectomy eliminates diseased colon, but in this case, the anal sphincter is spared, and therefore, anal continence can be preserved.’
    • ‘The effectiveness of interventions promoting continence in reducing urinary incontinence in the female population overall has not been investigated’
    • ‘Factors contributing to continence include the integrity of the sphincter muscles, the force of bowel contraction, consistency of stools, and cognitive factors.’
    • ‘The obit also mentions his usually forgotten first marriage to a 15-year-old, and his continence elsewhere.’
    • ‘A program which establishes continence is a necessary custodial program.’
    • ‘The worst case scenario was that she might be wheelchair-bound with continence and sexual function problems.’
    • ‘Urinary continence usually improves with age, especially after puberty.’
    • ‘The aims of surgical correction of prolapse are relief of symptoms, restoration of normal vaginal anatomy, and preservation of coitus and urinary and anal continence.’
    • ‘They believed in free love, but in order to prevent conception they practiced male continence.’
    • ‘Normal continence depends on many interrelated factors, including stool volume and consistency, colonic function, rectal compliance, rectal sensation and sphincter function.’
    • ‘Issues related to sexuality and to urinary continence have become topics of more frequent discussion in the lay media and the professional literature.’
    • ‘Patients were given a choice of which treatment option they preferred and after 6 months of treatment were weaned off and evaluated for continence.’
    • ‘Several studies demonstrate that delivery with an intact perineum is associated with retained pelvic floor strength, urinary and fecal continence, and sexual satisfaction.’