Definition of contessa in English:



  • An Italian countess.

    • ‘Whatever way you do it you're sure to return home with a wardrobe to rival the classiest Italian contessa.’
    • ‘The room was half filled with elderly contessas and solitary, beef-eating gourmands, with napkins stuck in their collars.’
    • ‘Her costumes, like her paintings, are intricate and drenched in color, whether for a can-can dancer or a contessa.’
    • ‘History does not record if the Contessa and the Colonel met; surely it would have been an adventure if they had.’
    • ‘The dish is Carpaccio of beef, a plate of trimmed sirloin sliced wafer thin and dressed with a Jackson Pollock spray of mayonnaise mixed with lemon juice, which was invented for an Italian contessa who was on a diet free of cooked meat.’


Italian, from late Latin comitissa (see countess).