Definition of contender in English:



  • A person or group competing with others to achieve something.

    ‘a presidential contender’
    ‘the major contenders in the football championship’
    • ‘He's a contender for an individual medal by virtue of his second- and fourth-place finishes in the classic and free races at the Eastern Canadian Championships.’
    • ‘Yogurt is a viable contender with chips or cookies or other snack foods.’
    • ‘One dog was a heavyweight contender with a long, ponderous coat.’
    • ‘Another probable contender for the nomination is a former Pennsylvania senator.’
    • ‘When they stepped onto the ice, they were no longer just another team—they were a playoff contender.’
    • ‘He kicks a good amount of ass in the film, but he's certainly no Oscar contender.’
    • ‘This virtuoso new novel is a real contender for the Women's Prize.’
    • ‘This should indeed be a very serious contender in what is probably the most competitive sector of the digital camera market.’
    • ‘It's definitely a contender for best animated film of the year.’
    • ‘Many contenders for the top positions are apparent in the weighting I have given the 400 best architects.’