Definition of contemporaneity in English:


Pronunciation /kənˌtɛmpərəˈneɪɪti//kənˌtɛmpərəˈniːɪti/


  • See contemporaneous

    • ‘Dave mines the vernacular of popular culture and traditional imagery, filtering it through his contemporaneity as an artist of the South Asian diaspora.’
    • ‘The present imperative of the objects of art historical fascination, their ineluctable contemporaneity, inevitably shapes the way in which we think about their role in their own historical horizon.’
    • ‘In apprehending and responding to contemporaneity, Shahryar emerges as a poet who sharpens the contours of modernism by asserting the establishment of new poetics.’
    • ‘The treatment gives it a contemporaneity, for, we live in a time that is marked by women's empowerment of every kind.’
    • ‘The rooms are in styles of varying contemporaneity: ‘senior suites’, spacious and light-filled, bear the designer label, with art for sale on the walls.’
    • ‘Their paintings were executed to be perceived as living art, and it is that dimension of their self-aware contemporaneity that still conveys a certain excitement.’
    • ‘There are many reasons for this contemporaneity, but one of the most important obviously concerns technology.’
    • ‘And I don't think deconstruction is the only answer to modernity or contemporaneity.’
    • ‘Coherent ice-flow lines reconstructed from bedforms across the Irish lowlands indicate contemporaneity of drumlinization and moraine building in eastern and western Ireland.’
    • ‘And it is at the same time what makes a writer most acutely conscious of his place in time, of his contemporaneity.’
    • ‘The Hollywood novel's take on the relation between contemporaneity and tradition is more consistently comic and absurdist than the epic visions of modernism.’
    • ‘In the contemporaneity of this art, he is a metaphor for timelessness.’
    • ‘The postmodern moment in Hong Kong art took the form of a rejection of all master narratives, whether of Chineseness or of Western-centered conceptions of modernity or contemporaneity.’
    • ‘Patches of contemporaneity sprouted here and there but the general concert menu had not changed in generations and, despite lavish subsidy, there was no public demand for reformation.’
    • ‘Among all the contemporaneity we catch a momentary glimpse of old Devon, as it was fondly enshrined in Trollope's memory.’
    • ‘The contemporaneity of different styles and movements, even within the work of a single artist, is one of the characteristics of post-war developments in the arts.’
    • ‘In retrospect, the decision seems to have been a gratuitous gesture in the direction of relevance and contemporaneity.’
    • ‘Made in the West, they are also a reminder that this script system inscribes the traditional richness of one of the world's influential cultures within the context of international contemporaneity.’
    • ‘‘The most modern of all poets,’ he called Donne, and it is precisely this sense of Donne's contemporaneity that links the diverse voices assembled here.’
    • ‘Politically impartial juries would no doubt reach different conclusions depending on their contemporaneity.’