Definition of container ship in English:

container ship


  • A ship which is designed to carry goods stored in containers.

    • ‘Under water pictures of the sunken trawler indicated it had been rammed toward the bow by a massive vessel probably by a container ship travelling at high speed.’
    • ‘It was really lovely - a view over the river to the docks (we watched a container ship being unloaded while we ate, which was actually a lot more interesting than it sounds), good and quick service, and beautiful food.’
    • ‘It also cites the case of a container ship which ignored a Mayday call off the North Queensland coast.’
    • ‘Delivery of a weapon in a container ship, rental truck, or other means would accomplish whatever deranged objective the attacker had in mind, with much less cost, and with reduced odds of being detected.’
    • ‘The 10 pupils, who have been tracking the boat's journey via the Internet, enjoyed breakfast on the bridge with the captain of the container ship before examining their new buses at close quarters.’
    • ‘The location is a huge container ship docked in an unknown harbour.’
    • ‘Based on my own experience, the deck of a container ship is not a place to carry people at sea.’
    • ‘At the helm of a giant container ship, the captain says he feels vulnerable as he cruises the busy Singapore Strait at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula.’
    • ‘As the most potentially dangerous and hands-on phase of the exercise, the detention of the Balsa was an exhausting experience for everyone involved - particularly the container ship's crew.’
    • ‘Nearly 3000 luxury cars worth some 30 million went down when the Norwegian carrier ship they were on sank in thick fog after a collision with a container ship.’
    • ‘A larger container ship is to be designed by the shipyard.’
    • ‘Any day now, the container ship docked early this morning.’
    • ‘A normal fishing trip six miles north of the Third Boca almost turned fatal for an uncle and nephew, when a huge container ship crashed into their pirogue, splitting it in half and throwing the two men into the dangerous waters.’
    • ‘The shipment was cancelled last Thursday while the vehicles were still in containers at the Port Elizabeth harbour waiting to be loaded onto a container ship en route to Dar-es-Salaam.’
    • ‘The boat was loaded onto a container ship bound for Liverpool, England, then transferred to Southampton.’
    • ‘Steering a path is like steering a container ship: you have to start adjusting your navigation miles before an intended goal.’
    • ‘This week the container ship arrived in port at the same time as a number of longline fishing vessels were tied up at the wharf.’
    • ‘But it's actually a very interesting view, it's not just all rusty ships is it, I mean there's a huge container ship just passing by, I think it's rather a grand view, actually.’
    • ‘My own boat would need to be transported on top of a container ship.’
    • ‘His entourage, which comprised 400 security staff, brought 60 armoured vehicles, a cellular jamming device and a container ship, the reports said.’