Definition of consumption in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of using up a resource.

    ‘industrialized countries should reduce their energy consumption’
    • ‘The design team actively promoted passive climate control and the use of architectural strategies to reduce resource consumption.’
    • ‘By the end of the year-long project, York should have significantly reduced its energy consumption.’
    • ‘Lots of people think about energy saving measures and doing it is critical if we are going to reduce energy consumption.’
    • ‘We can start by reducing our energy consumption and turning to renewable resources.’
    • ‘Coupled with local generation, there is a potential for significant reduction of energy consumption from new buildings.’
    • ‘Through these measures, they reduced energy and water consumption while lowering the operating and maintenance cost of the building.’
    • ‘An executive spokesman said that its energy consumption has probably been reduced by 26% to 248 kilowatt hours per square metre over the last decade.’
    • ‘Building best-practice homes can eliminate waste in the construction process, as well as reduce water and energy consumption.’
    • ‘Real sustainability depends on reducing energy consumption in much of the world and generating locally as much as possible.’
    • ‘An alternative way we are lowering our resource consumption is by changing our yard.’
    • ‘I really appreciate their simple style of living, with minimal consumption of resources like water, space, energy, etc.’
    • ‘The government also came up with a set of contingency plans featuring the reduction of energy consumption.’
    • ‘The strategy is expected to result in a 40 per cent reduction of energy consumption and a significant reduction of environmental pollution.’
    • ‘An advisor will also direct the homeowner on ways of decreasing energy consumption and costs.’
    • ‘The result was that the house's energy consumption was reduced by 33 percent compared with the previous year, according to Max.’
    • ‘Before his job is finished, he will create a list of suggestions that could reduce the energy consumption of her home by 50 per cent.’
    • ‘Behavioral interventions have also attempted to reduce energy consumption and pollution by altering transportation-related behavior.’
    • ‘Newcastle then moved quickly to become more accountable for its own operations in terms of energy and resource consumption.’
    • ‘It is clear, then, that entrepreneurs have strong incentives to manage their residuals efficiently and gradually to reduce their consumption of resources for any given output.’
    • ‘My wife and I decided to do our bit to reduce energy consumption by buying a modern refrigerator a few months ago.’
    using up, use, utilization, expending, expenditure
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    1. 1.1 The action of eating or drinking something.
      ‘liquor is sold for consumption off the premises’
      • ‘We had the tradition of preserving food and drink for long time consumption, by watching when the leaves began to fall and when there were changes happening to Nature.’
      • ‘But snack and soft drink consumption are on the rise, while milk-drinking is decreasing.’
      • ‘Mexico has the largest per capita consumption of soft drinks in the world.’
      • ‘The consumption of food and drink is restricted to tea.’
      • ‘The link between soft drink consumption and bone loss is going to become even more significant as children practically weaned on soft drinks reach adulthood.’
      • ‘Excessive consumption of soft drinks in childhood has been shown to lead to calcium deficiency and more broken bones.’
      • ‘Only the canned drinks are fit for consumption.’
      • ‘These filters produce clean water for consumption, such as drinking and cooking.’
      • ‘Even more worrying, though, was the increased risk of erosion caused by frequent consumption of such drinks.’
      • ‘Overall, the report reveals that teenagers are finally drinking more milk, while soft drink consumption is going down.’
      • ‘Like many successful Irish events, Dublin football games are bound up with the vast consumption of drink.’
      • ‘Men who increased consumption by one drink per day had a heart attack risk 22 per cent lower than those whose intake remained unchanged.’
      • ‘The coffee shop, which has been open in Blackheath since 2001, has never received planning permission to sell food for consumption on the premises.’
      • ‘No liquor shall be sold or supplied for consumption away from the premises in containers larger than two litres.’
      • ‘Increased consumption of such drinks and foods brings up the question of whether or not people are exercising enough to burn all the excess fat and energy their bodies are taking in.’
      • ‘Judge Martin said the present levels of drink and drug consumption are scandalous.’
      • ‘Dentists put the huge increase in tooth erosion down to the growing consumption of acidic drinks such as fruit juice, fruit tea, sports drinks and fizzy drinks.’
      • ‘Despite the potential health benefits for some people, I never recommend starting to drink or increasing alcohol consumption.’
      • ‘A significant increase in drink prices will moderate consumption.’
      • ‘This aid aims to eventually change people's eating patterns through the consumption of flour and to outdo local producers.’
      eating, devouring, ingestion, swallowing, gobbling, gobbling up
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    2. 1.2in singular An amount of something which is used up or ingested.
      ‘a daily consumption of 15 cigarettes’
      • ‘Most meals are frugal and simple with the daily consumption of meat kept to a minimum.’
      • ‘The daily consumption of red meat should be no more than 80 grams.’
      • ‘The consequences of drinking also depends on how the consumption is distributed throughout the week.’
      • ‘Last week, the daily consumption rose by 0.88ML per day to 25.12ML.’
      • ‘It has a fuel consumption of 12.3mpg and produces 545g/km of C02, according to government statistics.’
      • ‘For many people, physical inactivity may be a more significant factor in the development and maintenance of excess body weight than in the consumption of extra calories.’
      • ‘One of the biggest problems the resort faced was the daily consumption of bread needed to feed the herd.’
      • ‘There are 18.2 days of diesel fuel reserves with a daily consumption of 72,000 KL a day.’
      • ‘The consumption of reasonable amounts of alcoholic beverages by individuals who are 21 years of age or older is permitted.’
      • ‘Some kind of ration system may also be considered to restrict the consumption of oil.’
      • ‘The castor beans are highly toxic and death is likely with the consumption of even a small amount.’
      • ‘Last week, the daily consumption was around 35 megalitres.’
      • ‘Americans tend to eat large amounts of sugar - an average consumption of more than 100 pounds per person per year.’
      • ‘By January of 1915, the daily consumption of rifle ammunition was estimated at 45,000 rounds.’
      • ‘Daily consumption ranged from its lowest level - 23.67ML on Australia Day, to a peak of 27.2ML last Tuesday.’
      • ‘The drink is now available in 23 countries worldwide with a daily consumption of 15 million bottles.’
      • ‘Cigarette consumption among daily smokers in the two groups was similar (median of 10 cigarettes per day in both groups).’
      • ‘The per capita use of energy throughout the developing world is a mere one-fifteenth of the consumption enjoyed in the United States.’
      • ‘The consumption of large amounts of refined starches can lead to increases in blood-sugar levels.’
      • ‘But remember, it is a moderate consumption that works and excess drinking can do more harm than good.’
    3. 1.3 The purchase of goods and services by the public.
      ‘industry faced a serious challenge in trying to stimulate consumption’
      • ‘They are changing it from a stock market bubble to a consumption and housing bubble.’
      • ‘This borrowing has by and large financed consumption, with alarmingly minimal productive investment.’
      • ‘Mass consumption, stimulative consumer policies, and revolutions in wholesaling and retailing led to the convergence of regional economies.’
      • ‘If they remain in power they will have to find a way to raise taxes on the middle class and the poor, probably through a regressive consumption tax.’
      • ‘Stock market wealth is down and the consumption that happens when Americans feel richer is disappearing.’
      • ‘Many futurists believe that the desire of retirees to protect their wealth will increase their consumption of financial services.’
      • ‘There is evidence that an inverse relation exists between investment in private consumption and investment in public goods.’
      • ‘On Thursday, its snapshot report on the Irish economy said the economy would accelerate, boosted by ‘robust’ public and private consumption.’
      • ‘There were however only small increases in private and public consumption and there was a decline in construction and capital investment.’
      • ‘Stimulating personal consumption is the key to kick-starting demand.’
      • ‘The Association campaigns on key issues related to consumption of goods and services’
      • ‘At some point, one argument runs, households will have to retrench, slowing consumption and therefore economic growth.’
      • ‘Second, the administration's tax cuts are ineffective at stimulating consumption because they are so heavily targeted at high-income groups.’
      • ‘Nearly every CEO we have talked with all over the course of years have invested billions of dollars in China, talking about it as a consumption market.’
      • ‘Rising expectations were fuelled by increasing affluence and a widening gap between people's experiences in other sectors of consumption and public services.’
      • ‘There has been a marked increase in the share of public consumption that is privately produced.’
      • ‘Their purpose is to supply imported goods and/or services for domestic consumption, and it is through such agents that the Korean market is best penetrated.’
      • ‘Identity in these contemporary worlds, writes Bean and Moni, is constructed through the consumption of goods with selfhood vested in things.’
      • ‘Household spending, public consumption and investment have all grown strongly and the housing market remains buoyant.’
      • ‘Moreover, it provides a better picture of the emerging environmental implications of the private consumption and public production of suburban landscapes.’
    4. 1.4 The reception of information or entertainment by a mass audience.
      ‘his confidential speech was not meant for public consumption’
      • ‘The reader, viewer or audience is actively involved in the construction of the work of art, and without the act of reception / consumption, the cultural product is incomplete.’
      • ‘But now there are two new primary tasks - communication (via email) and information consumption.’
      • ‘On the other hand, there is, I think, an impact on how people view the world politically which they take from their entertainment consumption.’
      • ‘The growing international recognition finally validated Nor-tec as a true modern object of consumption for Mexico City audiences.’
      • ‘A great deal of our consumption of entertainment has replaced the mindless drudgery that once occupied many hours of most people's days.’
      • ‘Allow your mind to wonder what life would be like if this relentless, multidimensional Morse code was our primary method of information consumption.’
      • ‘Like any other host, my mission was to add value to my program's product - the performers and their records - for consumption by the listening audience.’
      • ‘We consume images, ideas, and information until consumption itself is a form of production.’
      • ‘I fear, he has even gone mad from his consumption of so much information.’
      • ‘I don't think anyone questions that media consumption of technology information has shifted to the Internet.’
      • ‘Many news executives say they realize the need to do something to catch up with the changing media consumption habits of their audience, but they're not sure what to do.’
      • ‘The extranet will also supply real time data on audience consumption of BBC broadband content, designed to help third parties better understand these users.’
      • ‘Let me give you some examples of how data visualization flash charts simply information dissemination and consumption.’
      • ‘They have explored the effects that certain cinematic texts have had on the respective diasporic cultures, distribution channels, consumption and reception patterns.’
      • ‘Over the course of the ten-day event, which kicks off on November 23, a short season of her films will be presented for public consumption.’
      • ‘We regret to interrupt your daily information consumption, but terrible news has come over the wire.’
      • ‘With recorded information the point of consumption can be anywhere from seconds to millennia ahead.’
      • ‘‘We've arrived at a point where consumption of media and information accounts for more than half of our waking hours,’ he adds.’
      • ‘An information sharing system supports both implicit and explicit consumption of information items that are stored in the staging area.’
      • ‘Provide each city, its arts institutions and collectors with the inspiration to purchase work for public consumption.’
  • 2dated A wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis.

    ‘his mother had died of consumption’
    • ‘During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, consumption was considered incurable by most people, patients and physicians alike.’
    • ‘He caught the consumption from his son, whereby he soon followed him to the grave.’
    • ‘In the 19th century, it seemed as if everyone was slowly dying of consumption.’
    • ‘They were so undernourished that they easily became ill from consumption, fevers, pestilence, and a variety of other disorders.’
    tuberculosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, tb, wasting disease, emaciation
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Late Middle English: from Latin consumptio(n-), from the verb consumere (see consume).