Definition of consumer durables in English:

consumer durables

plural noun

  • Manufactured items, typically cars or household appliances, that are expected to have a relatively long useful life after purchase.

    • ‘In what ways can a manufacturer of consumer durables seek to gain a better understanding of its marketing environment?’
    • ‘The most vulnerable items in a deflationary environment are high value, consumer durables; kitchen appliances and cars are highly vulnerable.’
    • ‘In contrast, old economy sector companies, including those in core manufacturing areas such as automobiles and ancillaries, electronics and consumer durables still continue to be dominated by expat CEOs.’
    • ‘The culmination is the age of high mass consumption, where living standards are high and consumer durables and services take over as the main sectors of an economy.’
    • ‘Multinationals and famous foreign brands in consumer durables either have subsidiaries or franchisees to market their goods.’
    • ‘Fisher understood the equivalence of taxing the purchase price of consumer durables (including housing) and taxing the returns they generate.’
    • ‘An array of consumer goods, lifestyle products, artefacts, handloom and handicrafts, besides automobiles, banking and insurance, textiles and fashion, consumer durables and home appliances will be on display.’
    • ‘Asian consumer durables and most vehicle brands are common examples.’
    • ‘This policy is said to be justified because motor vehicles are consumer durables which at both regular and irregular intervals require expert maintenance and repair, not always in the same place.’
    • ‘Almost every third household in Bangalore uses a consumer durable of Japanese brand.’
    • ‘However, it is clear that they also consider important a reduction in purchases of consumer durables, and a revival of saving in the personal sector.’
    • ‘The first expensive consumer durable and symbol of respectability, bought on hire purchase, was the piano.’
    • ‘The Dhoots, founders of the Videocon group, have found a novel way to structure the deal and lessen the financial impact on Videocon International, its flagship company which sells consumer durables under the Videocon brand.’
    • ‘In Thailand, people who wanted loans for property, cars, and other consumer durables went to the country's finance companies.’
    • ‘Democracy itself is becoming just another consumer durable promising to solve and satisfy like all the others.’
    • ‘China houses the biggest population in the world, and one that is progressively developing both the means and the appetite to become westernised in its demands for manufactured consumer durables.’
    • ‘But as a consumer durable, it is far from ideal and as a life-enhancing experience, it can't compete with a good book.’
    • ‘This occurred in the USA in the period 1880 to 1910, and coincided with application of mass-production techniques to the production of consumer durables for the first time.’
    • ‘The other form of credit that Marx did not examine is lending to households, which is now important in relation to both housing provision, and the purchase of consumer durables.’
    • ‘His vision culminated in Port Kembla's huge flat-products division 1947-55, which enabled large-scale manufacture of cars and consumer durables in Australia.’


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